How to Rock Your Fun Socks with Sneakers: A Guide to Elevate Your Style

Funny socks for men NZ

Just like any other piece of clothing, socks have their own purpose and are important. So, when you search for “what socks to wear with sneakers” what do you actually mean? Are you looking for style tips or the right kind of socks that will suit you? You can get style tips from anywhere but what suits you the best is something that only you can decide. While some may prefer to wear normal socks, there are a lot of people who like wearing fun socks. Wearing fun socks is totally appropriate and it shows your unique self. With this being said, you should wear whatever you are comfortable in, that’s the only thing that matters. Fun socks nz

There are a lot of factors that play an important role while deciding what socks to wear with sneakers for both men and women. Here are a few of them.


Let's take a look at why you're wearing sneakers in the first place. Is it for a workout, a day trip, or simply for fashion? It might assist you in narrowing down your options and finding the proper socks to go with them.

As well as keeping your shoes from rubbing against your feet, socks also control the temperature and moisture on your feet, helping you stay comfortable.


The material of socks has a big impact on how effective they are as they keep your feet cool and allow your feet to breathe. Consider these material options while buying fun socks for sneakers. Fun socks nz

Socks material

Wool: In addition to providing excellent cushioning in your sneakers, woolen socks also absorb moisture and prevent blisters without making your feet feel wet.

Cotton: Socks made from 100% cotton are as comfortable as they are durable, but they can also retain moisture far too well, which causes blisters to bleed and wet socks to soak.

Acrylic: There are many types of socks available on the market, but acrylic socks are one of the most popular. With their versatility, they are used by men, women, and children alike, and they make good socks for sneakers. Additionally, they are affordable, lightweight, have great wicking properties, and are exceptionally comfortable.


Crew socks

There are different types of sock-lengths available that you can choose from.

Knee-high socks

    Socks this high are warm so you can still wear shorts even when the temps start to drop, and they are versatile enough to show off the boldest and most colorful patterns.

    Thigh-high socks

      Anybody wanting to make a statement should go for thigh-high socks.

      Mid-Calf socks

        As indicated by their name, mid-calf socks are long enough to cover half of your leg.  They look great with sneakers.

        Crew socks

          These are the most common length socks. It's hard not to love a great pair of crew socks! This classic style hits mid-calf and is a great staple that we suggest everyone has a pair of. Most of our styles are Crew length. Fun socks nz

          Ankle socks

            The ankle sock covers all of your feet and ends at your ankles. For those hot summer days, it's better to choose a sock that provides less coverage.

            No-show socks

              These socks are thinner and lighter than traditional socks. As much as we like to showcase our designs on socks, we also offer funny no-show socks for men and women.


              When choosing prints, patterns, and colours that suit your unique style, you will really show off your innate sense of self. It is possible to find socks in a variety of styles such as floral socks, funny saying socks, classic prints like stripes and polka dots, or even downright wacky ones. There are so many options that you are sure to find many pairs of fun sock you love! Fun socks nz