It's Time to Tidy Up! How to Organize Your Cool Socks Collection Like a Pro

With this pandemic keep going on and on, many of us have been in the situation where spending more time at home recently, and doesn't matter if it positive or negative, it’s that we’ve been given the chance to finally finish all those projects we’ve been left in the corner. If you’re a sockaholic like us, one of those tasks might be to sort out the growing collection of cool socks that are spilling out of your drawers. Cool socks for men NZ

 Colorful socks for men NZ

If your sock drawer is full of cool socks and you don't know where to start, 1) you’re not the only one, and 2) this is the right place for you! Below are some of our best tips and tricks for keeping your socks drawer stay cleaned. 

See what you’ve got, and find new place for what you don’t wear anymore.

With so many different kinds of cool styles and patterns out there, suddenly you will find that you’ve accumulated more socks than you ever realise. It’s fine, we are on the same boat. You don’t even want to know how many pairs of cool socks that we have! But doesn't matter...If you’re ready to commit to this clean up mission, the best way is to deal with all of your pairs of socks at once.

  • Put all your matched cool socks in pair, then separate out all of your odded singles. Missed match socks are not totally useless, it can servers other purpose, like rags, sweatbands or even sleeves for you coffee cup.
  • For the rest, think long term about which pairs are your favorite that you often wear and which you haven’t put your feet into in a while (maybe start giving it more chance to be worn). Otherwise, let someone else take care of your cool socks by donating it.
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Saving space and time in the morning with this brilliant folding methods

We’d never recommend put one sock inside the other or even worse, just throw it loosely in your drawers. Not only does this take up a lot of space, but it also makes it challenging to ever find what you’re looking for! If you’ve ever ask yourself what is “correct” method for how to fold your cool socks, there are a few that we can suggest. Cool socks for men NZ

  • The KonMari method of folding socks involves laying your two socks on top of one another, then folding the pair into thirds (for short socks), fourths (for mid-length socks) or fifths (for crew socks) like you would a letter. You then put them in your drawer upright.
  • The square method is another popular one. First, laying your socks into a cross shape, heels facing up, then folding the toe ends over before tucking them underneath. It requires more work, but will get easier the more you familiar with.

Many people fold their socks by tucking the entire pair inside the elastic part to secure it in place; while this definitely keeps your pairs tidy, unfortunately over the time, it can stretch the elastic will destroy your perfect cool pair of sock!


Sorting out pairs by color, style, length or occasion — the options are limited by your imagination!

Doesn't matter what style of socks you like: cool socks, funny socks, crazy socks, each of us has our own unique and cool collection. Before you start sorting all of your pairs, think about how you wear them to come up with an organization method that works best for you.

  • You might want to considering organize your sock drawer by color if you like to match your socks to your outfit.
  • If you have a sock style for different occasion, separate them out. Maybe separate your work socks together, the colorful cool socks together and all your exercise socks together. Whatever works for your preference!
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Staying organized!

Organizing a messy sock drawer doesn’t come without its challenges, but the reward is well worth it when you can finally see your perfect cool collection — and able to find what you need within a blink! Don't limit yourself by our suggestion, be creative with your own method to organize your cool sock drawer, and use the system that you like the most. For more socks ideas, visit us on The Ugly SocksCool socks for men NZ