Faded Diamond SocksFaded Diamond Socks

Faded Diamond Socks

$10.99 NZD
banana-karate-socks.jpgBanana Karate Socks

Banana Karate Socks

$10.99 NZD
gymnastic-pineapple-socks.jpgGymnastic Pineapple Socks

Gymnastic Pineapple Socks

$10.99 NZD
Starry Night SocksStarry Night Socks

Starry Night Socks

$10.99 NZD
Rubber Ducks SocksRubber Ducks Socks

Rubber Ducks Socks

$10.99 NZD
Avocado SocksAvocado Socks

Avocado Socks

$10.99 NZD
Flamingo SocksFlamingo Socks

Flamingo Socks

$10.99 NZD
Mathematics SocksMathematics Socks

Mathematics Socks

$10.99 NZD
The Scream Painting  SocksThe Scream Painting  Socks

The Scream Painting Socks

$10.99 NZD
Watermelon SocksWatermelon Socks

Watermelon Socks

$10.99 NZD
Lazy Panda Green SocksLazy Panda Green Socks

Lazy Panda Green Socks

$10.99 NZD
River Monster SockskRiver Monster Socksk

River Monster Socksk

$10.99 NZD
Sea Monster SocksSea Monster Socks

Sea Monster Socks

$10.99 NZD
Rubic cube SocksRubic cube Socks

Rubic cube Socks

$10.99 NZD
Fast Food Feast SocksFast Food Feast Socks

Fast Food Feast Socks

$10.99 NZD
New York Hot Dog SocksNew York Hot Dog Socks

New York Hot Dog Socks

$10.99 NZD
Coffeeholic SocksCoffeeholic Socks

Coffeeholic Socks

$10.99 NZD
Mustache SocksMustache Socks

Mustache Socks

$10.99 NZD
Astronaut SocksAstronaut Socks

Astronaut Socks

$10.99 NZD
Stripe Pattern SocksStripe Pattern Socks
Restock Soon

Stripe Pattern Socks

$10.99 NZD
Science SocksScience Socks

Science Socks

$10.99 NZD
Golf Ball SocksGolf Ball Socks
Restock Soon

Golf Ball Socks

$10.99 NZD
Red Checkered SocksRed Checkered Socks

Red Checkered Socks

$10.99 NZD
Pizza SocksPizza Socks
Restock Soon

Pizza Socks

$10.99 NZD
Cute Hearts SocksCute Hearts Socks
Restock Soon

Cute Hearts Socks

$10.99 NZD
Dot Pattern SocksDot Pattern Socks

Dot Pattern Socks

$10.99 NZD
Lemon SocksLemon Socks
Restock Soon

Lemon Socks

$10.99 NZD
Soccer Balls SocksSoccer Balls Socks

Soccer Balls Socks

$10.99 NZD
Football SocksFootball Socks

Football Socks

$10.99 NZD
Fast Food SocksFast Food Socks

Fast Food Socks

$10.99 NZD
Bacon & Egg SocksBacon & Egg Socks

Bacon & Egg Socks

$10.99 NZD
Cows SocksCows Socks

Cows Socks

$10.99 NZD
Colorful Art SocksColorful Art Socks

Colorful Art Socks

$10.99 NZD
Classic Rubber Ducks SocksClassic Rubber Ducks Socks

Classic Rubber Ducks Socks

$10.99 NZD
Brown Pattern SocksBrown Pattern Socks
Restock Soon

Brown Pattern Socks

$10.99 NZD
Basketball SocksBasketball Socks

Basketball Socks

$10.99 NZD
Badminton SocksBadminton Socks

Badminton Socks

$10.99 NZD
Mona Lisa Printed SocksMona Lisa Printed Socks

Mona Lisa Printed Socks

$10.99 NZD
colourful-pattern-socks.jpgColorful Pattern Socks

Colorful Pattern Socks

$10.99 NZD
fox-socks.jpgFox Socks

Fox Socks

$10.99 NZD
Chemistry SocksChemistry Socks

Chemistry Socks

$10.99 NZD
parrot-socks.jpgParrot Socks

Parrot Socks

$10.99 NZD
Golf Lover SocksGolf Lover Socks

Golf Lover Socks

$10.99 NZD
At The Pub SocksAt The Pub Socks
Restock Soon

At The Pub Socks

$10.99 NZD
Mister Meow SocksMister Meow Socks

Mister Meow Socks

$10.99 NZD
Summer Santa SocksSummer Santa Socks
Restock Soon

Summer Santa Socks

$10.99 NZD
Based on 307 reviews
The Mummy Socks
Lee (New Plymouth, NZ)

Love these socks! They are great items to own. Bought 5 pairs. Everyone of them brilliant. Thank u!

Beer Bottle Charm
Ewan (Christchurch, NZ)

I was amazed when I got my order how good the quality was, I was selecting smth cheap and rubbish but totally knocked my socks off

Captain America Charm
Fleur Picot (Auckland, NZ)
Captain America Charm

My son loved this charm. The colours are vibrant and it looks like Captain America. Good quality material and nice definition of colour segments.

Maori Flag Charm
Kelvin Bristow (Auckland, NZ)
Ka pai !

Very efficient service and we loved our gibits!

Snoopy Charm
Renae Lee (Auckland, NZ)

Amazing quality and design, cheaper then most places and has amazing quality love it!

Messi Soccer Charm
Shelley Empson

My son loves the whole selection we got - great quality and quick delivery, thank you!

Beer Bottle Charm
E.J. (Hamilton, NZ)
Very cool

Looks exactly like the picture on the website, very cool!

Disney Princess Charm
ella pracy (Auckland, NZ)
loved these jibitz!!

Have brought so many different jibitz from here- super awesome designs and really good quality.

Matcha Foam Slides
Keisha (Dunedin, NZ)
Not getting my order

I ordered it for a week and probably more but they emailed me like 4 days after my order said they ran out and couldn’t have it and told me to choose for another colour. I replied to the email asking what other colours I can choose but have never heard back from them and it’s been 3 days now…
Pretty disappointed about it and I never know it would take this long
Hope they will follow up soon

Pokeball Charm
Deb Hall (Hamilton, NZ)
Jibbitz for B-Days

The products I bought from uglysocks were Jibbitz that I couldn’t get anywhere else, I looked everywhere- even overseas but they were either horrendously expensive, out of stock or very slow shipping or simply not sold available by the big retailers here. So I got searching, found uglysocks, saw the products I had been told were desirable by 6-9 yr old child for b-day, chose them, shipping was decent, and quick postage. Items arrived on time before the day, exactly as described and pictured, they were a hit, no one else had them and they weren’t expensive. Thank you Uglysocks- highly recommend your products, very decently priced, your website is easy to use, quick postage and well packaged. Great seller, I will be returning and checking your website for likely goods again!

Mayo Charm
Jessica M (Auckland, NZ)
Great jibbit

Good detail, love this jibbit. Would recommend this company! All jibbits purchased have had good detail on them.

Spiderman Charm
Keegan (Auckland, NZ)
Happy kids

Have some real happy kids with their new jibbits - good quality, cheap and arrived quickly

Captain America Glowing Charm
Sharon Shaw (Queenstown, NZ)

Great Jibbetz, super fast delivery!

Celtic Logo Charm
Jacob Clark-Tuma'alii (Auckland, NZ)
Croc Charms/Jibitz

Was awesome very quick, and very reliable i have recommended it to my family and friends and its was awesome quality

Biggie Small Charm
Litalia MacFarlane (Wellington, NZ)
Great product

Super fast delivery. Great buy!

Minions Charm
Caitlin (Auckland, NZ)

I brought for my toddler as she loves minions, and she is beyond happy with her new croc addition!!

Chemistry Socks
S B (Wellington, NZ)
Cool socks

Love this theme for the scientists in my life. Please restock soon!

Sea Monster Socks
Miguel Weaver (Dunedin, NZ)
Sox for you

My name is Mig
My feet is big
An dey get cold
up to my lig

Cos dey so cold
when walk on rocks
upon my feets
warm ugly sox

Charm Mystery Pack
Tracey Ayre
My son loved these!!

I bought this pack for my 10 year old son and he loved them. The charms were really bright and colourful and a fun mix. Great product and prompt service!

Dodgers Jacket Charm
Gina Howson (Whangarei, NZ)

The colour was different to what it was advertised

Bulbasaur Charm
Jamie (Lower Hutt, NZ)
The kids love them!

I work in a children's hospital and the kids have absolutely loved these!!

Basketball Ball Charm
Jing Feng (Auckland, NZ)
Great quality charms!

Brought a few, my son loved them all!

Fried Chicken Charm
Amber (Hamilton, NZ)
Great quality

I love kfc so had to purchase this.

Roses Charm
Daniel de Boer (Christchurch, NZ)
Good honest fun

My son loves these Crocs accessory icons, thank you. Great range to choose from no matter what your interest or preference.

Gaming Controller Charm
Leanne Smit (Wellington, NZ)

Thanks , good quality , fast delivery

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