The perfect fun socks for your summer

Summer is coming

When we talk about fashion, trending colours and designs change with the seasons. And socks is not out of the equation! With summer is just around the corner, The Ugly Socks introduces new styles so you will have plenty of options when it come to choosing socks to go to the beach, BBQ at your friend or any party. Some designs are featured with classic art, party vibe and fun socks. 

Novelty socks at the beach

Imaging going to the beach with your friend and pull of one of the most famous Japanese master piece in your socks. Be careful because you will receive a tons of compliment. 


Party with cool socks

What is the definition of a perfect weekend in summer? BBQ at the beach! Fire up the grill with your friends while wearing our hotdog fun socks.


And of course who can go to a BBQ without beer. This beer socks is the perfect gift for your friend who always has a cup of beer in his hand. 




We are a New Zealand based Fashion Sock company that provides quality socks at an affordable price for all Kiwis.  Make sure you check out our website, Facebook page and Instagram for other designs, prints that we have in The Ugly Socks summer collection.